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Certificat d'enregistrement

Since 1984...

O.B.L.X. is a company focused on the engineering and performance of water treatment and purifications systems. From concept and design to development and fabrication, O.B.L.X. creates superior high quality equipment in the production of purified water based on the needs and concerns of each individual client.

Our fields of expertise include hospital and health centres, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and other specialized applications.


Innovation • Creativity • Expertise

All our products are offered as turnkey solutions.

We offer our services for consultations, evaluations, verifications and diagnostics to meet legal requirements for existing projects and equipment already in place.

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3 rue Belzil
Saint-Basile-Le-Grand (Québec)
J3N 0A4

Telephone: 450 441 1251
Fax: 450 441 8251